Millette Family

January 23, 2024



I think what most don’t understand is how much photography has shaped me. From building my own business to being able to share my passion through art. It is something I never could have imagined being able to do. Let alone help support my family by it. In school I’m pretty sure I failed out of more courses than I even passed no matter how hard I worked in the classroom and no matter how much my IEP plan assisted me. I struggled for so many years. I’ve ran out of so many classrooms, cried in way too many bathrooms and spent far too many late night library visits with anxiety knowing I was going to fail that exam the next day. 

This industry can be very lonely and it is not always easy to trust and accept help, I’ve been burned by other artists before. I’ve also been accepted and guided by others and for that I’m grateful. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. This mama is one of them. She guided me through the photo world with open arms and taught me so much of what I built my business off of, without her I do not know if I would have made it this far in my career.

Cherry on top is 10+ years later she is trusting me to capture her beautiful family!