Martin Family

October 28, 2021



Every so often among all of the hustle and bustle of the summer and fall season I acknowledge how beautiful our world really is. How kind, generous and loving the humans that walk it are and how absolutely amazing it is that I am able to capture it for all. Being a photographer has been a journey, like any job has its ups and downs, struggles and triumphs but it is sessions like these that remind me why I LOVE what I do. I met up with the Martin family at their beautiful home amongst the trees. The moment I walked to their front door they were so warm and friendly (including the pups!) I loved their outfit choices, simple yet “them” and mama had the perfect idea to bring a few pieces of furniture outdoors in their backyard for the session. It was effortless beginning to end. You could just tell they were in pure awe of their sweet baby girl and I truly believe they enjoyed just snuggling the afternoon away with each other as I captured it.